happy healthy baby

Have I told you how happy my baby girl is.  She will light up the room the second she enters.  She will make an entire table at a restaurant forget about the foods on their plates and be fully engaged with her.  She is our sunshine.  I do think it’s part of her personality, but I also believe my husband and I have a huge part of her happiness ( I’m with her 24/7…of course I am)  🙂  We are always so careful with our attitudes around her and making sure we are ALWAYS positive and happy.  If we have a little dispute, we discuss it later when we are alone.

Healthy living is not only the things we put
into our body, but the things we see and hear.  

Of course she eats healthy ( later post on her food ) but her little brain is taking in so much information and making her the person she will be.  My attitude has changed as well because I now think about things before I say them ( very mature of me I know ), but as a women and emotions are always crazy, this can be very difficult at times.  Sometimes I just want to stomp my feet and bang my head on the ground until I get my way – but my husband as assured me MANY of times that will NOT work ( boo ).  I want to always be an example for Harper even when she isn’t watching me or hearing me.  I want to be the person she says she wants to be like when she grows up.  I want to be her best friend, and more importantly I want to be her momma.

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