my gym partner

I don’t know about any of you, but having a baby in the winter months is a S-T-R-U-G-G-L-E sometimes.  I feel so trapped in my own house as I am sure Harper feels the same.  She is probably thinking, “How many times can we read Brown Bear Brown Bear in a day mom.”  Spring is nearly here ( 80 degrees the last few days here in good ole Kansas ) and we are loving playing outside and going for our walks again.  After months of telling my husband how bored I was getting at home with our 8 month old at the time, we decided to join a children’s fitness center, My Gym. And, can I just tell you it has been the most fun thing for Harper and me to do together!  We dance and we workout our muscles ( hey, I chase her around everywhere and pick her up…count that as squats and curls ).  It is a great place that is starting to teach Harper a healthy lifestyle of being active, but also having so much fun and learning at the same time.